Transporting you to the pinnacle of global romance, so brace yourself for a captivating journey as we unveil the most unforgettable international weddings of 2023. Picture-perfect moments and soul-stirring celebrations awaited those fortunate enough to witness these extraordinary unions, and we’re now them all with you. 

From stunning brides that took our breath away, royal weddings that broke the internet, to the harmonious blending of customs and traditions, these love stories transcended geographical boundaries and left an indelible mark on the wedding world.

Ali Bakhtiar: Rosemin and Javed

  • Photographer: Pervez Taufiq
  • Dress: Faraz Manan

Dubai-based content creator and entrepreneur, Rosemin Madhavji, and the Bangladeshi businessman, Javed Opgenhaffen celebrated their love in a pre-wedding party at Palais Garnier in Paris. Picture this: The iconic Palais Garnier in the heart of Paris, bathed in an ethereal glow, and packed with celebrities from all over the world. Can you name a better setting for a night where love, history, and joy collide, leaving everyone spellbound! As a renowned fashion icon in the Middle East, it's no wonder that her celebration was a lavish display of opulence and luxury. The bride graced the reception in a stunning Faraz Manan lehenga, adorned with exquisite silver beadwork and shimmering crystals, adding an extra touch of splendor to the event.


Dina Iskandar: Sarah and Radwan

Photographer: Guru Photo House

Dress: Michael Cinco

In the heart of Cairo, this Saudi couple’s wedding celebration left an indelible mark on everyone's hearts. This wasn't just any wedding; it was a palatial extravaganza that blended the allure of the old world with a regal setting. The venue itself was transformed into a lush oasis, with cascading vines and verdant greens enveloping every corner. The bride, adorned in a majestic Michael Cinco gown, emanated an ethereal beauty that seemed to defy time itself. The intricate embroidery and flawless craftsmanship of her dress elevated her to a state of bridal perfection. As she made her grand entrance, the chemistry between the couple was undeniable, filling the air with an electric energy that couldn't be contained. Their love story, captured on video, became a viral sensation, touching the hearts of countless people far beyond the confines of screens.


Edgar Hayrapetyan: Sahar and Massari

Photographer: Virisa Yong – Photo Glenade – Yasmine Kateb

Wedding dress: Yasmin’s Bridal Company

Amid the glimmering city of Los Angeles, a love story unfolded that captured the hearts of millions worldwide. The stage was set for an extraordinary event as Massari, the Lebanese-Canadian musician, embarked on a journey of lifelong commitment with his long-term partner, Sahar Golestani. The news of their wedding spread like wildfire, igniting a frenzy of excitement and curiosity across the globe. As the stars aligned on that momentous day, the couple was graced with the presence of illustrious guests and celebrities, such as Elyanna, who took center stage, serenading the newlyweds as they shared their first dance as husband and wife. Behind the scenes, the wedding designer, Edgar Hayrapetyan, revealed a poignant glimpse into the couple's emotions. As Massari and Sahar beheld the resplendent ballroom for the first time, a wave of sentiment washed over them. The recording had to be momentarily paused as Sahar was moved to tears of joy, necessitating a gentle touch-up of her makeup. Massari shared in-depth details of the magical night, where he wrote a special surprise song for his beautiful bride and performed it at the wedding.


Le Mariage: New Delhi, India

Photographer: Pulse Production

Nestled on a pristine 122,000 square feet plot of land, a marvel of art and architecture has emerged in New Delhi in a mere 60 days. This exceptional wedding showcased a unique opportunity to witness the coming together of art and architecture within a futuristic mind-set.  Incredibly responsive technology elevated the visual art experience, harmonizing light and sound to create a dreamlike environment. Even the walls were transformed into virtual canvases, evoking an immersive atmosphere. The dynamic fusion of art and technology brought a new dimension to the ambiance, delivering a truly unforgettable experience to all who were present. The wedding reception continued to impress, featuring geometrical interactions that blended urbanism with a visionary approach. The star of the show? The was undoubtedly the world's largest screen installation, spanning a staggering 1860 square meters and towering an impressive 26 meters tall, dominating the backdrop in all its awe-inspiring glory. The iconic main stage was a masterful interplay of tangible and virtual structures, forming an arresting focal point for the occasion.


Tanseeq Weddings: Widad and Hamad

Photographer: Fotografilles

Dress: Ashi Studio

Witness a journey of romance and opulence as we delve into the extraordinary wedding that unfolded in the dazzling city of Dubai. Every detail was meticulously crafted to transform the event space into a true work of art. The reception effortlessly balanced the allure of contemporary luxury with the timeless charm of tradition, resulting in a multi-dimensional experience that tantalized the senses. Statement installations adorned the space, commanding attention and setting the stage for a night of unforgettable moments. With the help of cutting-edge technology, 3D visuals transported guests to a world where dreams became reality. Each luxury element was thoughtfully curated, exuding sophistication and refinement. However, it was the ceiling installation that truly stole the show, serving as the crowning glory of the evening. It transformed the space into a celestial wonderland, casting a mesmerizing array of colors that danced with suspended lights above.


Royal Wedding of Princess Iman of Jordan

Wedding dress: Christian Dior

The wedding of Princess Iman of Jordan had taken the internet by storm in 2023, captivating hearts around the world. Set against the picturesque backdrop of Beit Al Urdon Palace on the outskirts of Amman, the ceremony exuded an air of elegance and royal splendor. Princess Iman herself radiated timeless regality, adorned in a breathtaking custom-designed gown by the renowned French fashion house, Dior. Delicate lace details adorned the exquisite creation, while lace-cuffed sleeves added a touch of grace and refinement. And to complete this mesmerizing ensemble, Princess Iman graced herself with a Chaumet diamond tiara, a precious heirloom said to belong to her beloved grandmother, Princess Muna Al Hussein. The joyous occasion was not only witnessed by 150 distinguished guests of the royal family and esteemed dignitaries from across the globe, but also broadcasted live for the world to share in the celebration.


The Royal Wedding of Crown Prince Hussein of Jordan

Jordan was swept up in a wave of royal fever as Crown Prince Hussein's highly anticipated wedding to Rajwa Al Saif unfolded in a spectacular display of opulence. The news of this grand event spread like wildfire, captivating people from all walks of life who eagerly tuned in to witness the magic online. It was a momentous occasion, as a Hashemite wedding of such magnitude hadn't graced the world since 1993. With every detail meticulously planned, Crown Prince Hussein made a regal entrance, donning a full ceremonial military uniform and a gold-hilted saber inspired by the very same outfit his father wore when he married the queen. In a heartwarming gesture of unity and family, Crown Prince Hussein's younger brother, Prince Hashem bin Abdullah, accompanied the bride as she made her grand entrance. Following closely behind were the prince's younger sisters, Princess Iman and Princess Salma, who delicately attended to the bride's veil, symbolizing the enduring importance of family and tradition on this joyous day.


The Label by Kholoud: Bothaina and Hamad

Photographer: Pulse Production

Wedding dress: Versace

Transport yourself back in time to the enchanting era of Art Nouveau, as the designer made her way back to the annals of history, to bring the bride’s love for historical art movement and interest in vintage fashion to life. Inspired by the works of Mucha and Gustav Klimt, this Qatar wedding embraced the elegance and allure of the 19th century, infusing every aspect with artistic brilliance. From the grandeur of Hotel Tassel in Brussels to the smallest of details, the venue came alive with breathtaking artwork that mesmerized all who attended. Picture floor-to-ceiling wall illustrations, their undulating asymmetrical lines captivating guests at the reception, while a celestial stained-glass ceiling created an ethereal ambiance with its mirrored botanical design. Every corner revealed a new delight, from the vintage-inspired library evoking old-world charm to the powder room themed after the iconic Samaritaine department store in Paris. And let's not forget the infinity mirror room, a space that seamlessly blended modern grace with ancient mystique, leaving everyone in awe.


The Lake Como Weddings: Madelaine and Jacob

Photographer: Greg Finck

Dress: Christian Dior

 Madelaine Brockway's fairytale wedding in the City of Love, Paris, took the world by storm, leaving everyone in awe and gasping for breath. Dubbed the "wedding of the century," it created a frenzy on social media as videos of the grand affair went viral, capturing hearts around the globe. In a display of opulence that knew no bounds, the couple embarked on a five-day extravaganza. Each day brought forth new marvels, unveiling a world of unparalleled luxury and grandeur. Imagine an exclusive Maroon 5 concert, a private lunch in the prestigious Chanel Haute Couture Suite, and a lavish rehearsal dinner held within the hallowed halls of the iconic Paris Opera House. And as if these sensational experiences weren't enough, the couple culminated their magical journey with an overnight stay at the illustrious Palace of Versailles, basking in the splendor of history. At the heart of it all stood the radiant bride, adorned in a bespoke Dior couture gown that took breaths away. The off-the-shoulder design exuded elegance, while intricately embroidered lace sleeves, embellished with delicate Lily of the Valley detailing, added an ethereal touch that left all mesmerized.


White Dina: Al Anoud and Sultan

  • Photographer: ParAzar Productions
  • Dress: Christian Dior

A night of unparalleled elegance and innovation at this regal Qatari wedding, where opulence and luxury reign supreme in a golden state of mind. The very concept of design was redefined as every corner pulse with an edgy vibrancy and creativity knows no boundaries. Picture an ethereal dance of hanging blooms, gracefully swaying to an invisible melody while intricate masterpieces adorn the ceiling, weaving together avant-garde dimensions, divine architecture, and captivating artwork. At this extraordinary night, Dior takes luxury to unprecedented heights, showcasing their unrivaled artistry through the bride's mesmerizing couture gown. Every stitch and detail of this gown was a testament to the dedication and skill of the artisans who brought it to life. It transcends mere fashion to become a true masterpiece, a reflection of the bride's unique spirit and style.